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Page Third-Party Certification / Food Alliance
An overview of third-party certification, and an in-depth discussion of how Food Alliance certification has positively affected two successful businesses.
Page Roadmap for City Food Sector Innovation and Investment
A webinar exploring the "Roadmap for City Food Sector Innovation and Investment," which provides cities with guidance for developing a local foods investment ...
Page Towards Local and Regional Sourcing - Sysco and Chipotle
Chipotle and Sysco present their local/regional food buying policies. practices and goals.
PDF Knowledge Beyond Beauty: Summary of Findings
The Beyond Beauty initiative explored the possibilities for expanding market opportunities for cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables. This document ...
Page Market-Based Models for Increasing Access to Healthy Food: Defining What Works
The elements of success and innovative strategies bringing businesses and products to scale to reach wider markets.
PDF Knowledge New England Food Hub Network: Exploring Options To Enhance Food Hub Collaboration & Increase New England Farm To Institution Sales
Institutional food service (schools, universities, hospitals, corporate dining services, congregate meal sites, and others) represents large potential markets ...
PDF Knowledge North American Food Sector: Program Scan and Literature Review
The purpose of this literature review is to examine an extensive body of the best available research and practices, and to establish a foundation for a roadmap ...
Page Food Hubs and Farm to School
Food hubs hold great promise to help farm to school programs and food service professionals get good, healthy, local, whole foods to our nation's students.
PDF Knowledge Beef Marketing Alternatives
This publication explores marketing alternatives for small-scale cattle ranchers who would like to add value to the beef they produce.
PDF Knowledge Are We About to Lose the Agriculture of the Middle?
This white paper discusses the comparative advantage of mid-sized farms to implement innovative production and marketing systems in order to supply significant ...
PDF Knowledge The Whole(sale) Deal
Eugene, Oregon-based Organically Grown Company is the largest wholesaler of organic produce in the Pacific Northwest. For more than two decades, they've ...
PDF Knowledge Internet Buying Clubs Combine Emerging Technologies and Community Values
Two entrepreneurs committed to the local food movement are about to make their marketing models available to the public.
PDF Knowledge Banding Together to Build an Alternative Meat Market
This article profiles Diana & Gary Endicott and Rainbow Farms. Summary of Operation: - 75 head in cow/calf operation - Tomatoes, grain and hay on 400-acre ...
PDF Knowledge Making Value Chains Work: Best Practices for Success - Workshop Proceedings
This document provides a synthesis of the proceedings of the April 2008 Making Value Chains Work: Best Practices for Success Workshop.
PDF Knowledge See the Local Difference: Regional Food Systems Become Essential Ingredient for Michigan's Future
Provides a tour of the emerging good food system in Michigan: How it is taking shape, what it contributes, and how local and state leaders can pitch in to both ...
PDF Knowledge A New Kind of Middleman
A new kind of middleman is helping small farmers get their produce into larger stores—without sacrificing quality or income.
PDF Knowledge Bringing Local Food to Local Institutions: A Resource Guide for Farm-to-School and Farm-to-Institution Programs
This publication provides farmers, school administrators, and institutional food-service planners with contact information and descriptions of existing ...
PDF Knowledge Institutional buying models and local food markets: The Iowa experience
This paper provides a brief overview of several models of institutional food buying projects in Iowa and critical factors that make these systems work - both ...
PDF Knowledge Innovative Model: Small Grower and Retailer Collaborations
How a network of small farms united under a common brand to supply a chain of grocery stores with a competitive range of local products. This is the case study ...
PDF Knowledge Characterizing Optimal Business Conditions for Commerce Between Farmers and SYSCO - Phase 2
A study of the business dynamics between SYSCO, a national distributor of products to the food service industry, and three Iowa-based, small-to-midsize food ...
Page Healthy - Institutions and Consumers as Buyers of Good Food
Green Guide for Health Care as guideline for institutional purchasing of Good Food. Reboot Your Life.
Page Before You Leap: Hidden Implications of Food Hub Business Growth
Three "roads not yet taken" a hub with may encounter. Each road has the possibility of great success, but has potholes to avoid.
Page If You Build It, Will They Come? Consumer Behavior Concepts for Effective Marketing of Healthy Food
This webinar explores, at an introductory level, how one may adapt what we know about marketing and consumer behavior to create positive social change. The ...
Page Healthy Urban Food Enterprise Development Center
The aims and progress of the HUFED program, with presentations from ALBA and DC Central Kitchen, two Year 1 grantees.
PDF Knowledge Sysco’s Journey from Supply Chain to Value Chain: 2008-2009 Final Report
Results and lessons learned from the National Good Food Network / Sysco Corporation pilot project to source and sell good food.
Page Good Food at Retail
Three very different retail operations explain how and why they work to get more local/regional food on to their shelves.
PDF Knowledge Vital Steps - A Cooperative Feasibility Guide
USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service Report 58: This guide provides rural residents with information about cooperative development feasibility studies. It ...
Page Putting Local on the Menu
This webinar presents both the art and science of prioritizing local foods in restaurants with case studies and a new tool.
Page Leveraging Existing Infrastructure
Karen Karp provides illustrative examples of the ways in she has worked collaboratively with her clients to overcome some of the barriers to food system change ...
PDF Knowledge Food Hubs: Solving Local
Solving Local is a resource to help industry executives get started engaging with local food hubs as a means for getting local, identity-preserved food in ...