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Value Chain Coordination: Making Matches


A value chain is a set of linked businesses who work together to serve their customers' needs while also addressing larger societal goals. In this, the third webinar of our Value Chain Skills series, we look at how a third party goes about the work of linking the elements of the chain.

We call this role "Matchmaking."

Presenters from very different contexts – one nonprofit, one from a university, one an independent consultant – will illuminate the art of successful matchmaking. They will speak on how they identify what is likely to be a good match, and how to go about moving parties to win-win deals. From how frequently they feel they need to keep up relationships, to how they keep track of it all, these presenters will roll back the curtain so that you may improve your own matchmaking success. 

This webinar was brought to you through a collaboration with Greenbelt Fund.




Webinar slides (pdf)


Presenter Bios

Rebecca Dunning

Rebecca DunningRebecca Dunning is a faculty member at NC State University and an affiliate of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, which is referred to as ‘CEFS’ for short. CEFS consists of a 2000-acre farm used for organic and sustainable agriculture research, and also manages a broad range of food system programs. These include student apprenticeships and internships, a food council development initiative, farm to school and farm to early care programs, and a 10% campaign to build demand for locally sourced foods. Rebecca works in the area of food and farm business development, and over the past several years has led a set of food supply chain projects focused on building ties between small and mid-scale growers and larger grocery and food service markets.

Sarah Fritschner

Sarah FritschnerSarah Fritschner is the owner of Grow Kentucky, a consultancy that increases the amount of Kentucky farm food in the food system. For nearly 10 years, she has worked with public and private schools, universities, entertainment venues and others to increase the amount of Kentucky food they serve, while working with farmers to increase their sales. The job includes working to improve or broaden food system infrastructure, including processing, aggregation and distribution services. Before beginning this work in 2009, she was a food journalist for more than 30 yearsand the author of several cookbooks.

Jay McGhee

Jay McGhee

Jay McGhee oversees FamilyFarmed’s Market Development and Farming Training programs. She is a marketing and business development professional with 15 years of corporate, private and non-profit experience. She earned her BS in Political Science and Pre-Law from Southern Connecticut State University and her M.B.A. from Mercer University. Jay began her career in the private sector where she concentrated on client development, firm messaging, project management, and new business. She has collaborated with partners in the United Arab of Emirates, Italy, and Trinidad/Tobago as the team lead of an international marketing committee with a new business focal point. Over the past 15 years and 4 states, she has served in leadership roles within high profile organizations, focused on business strategy, data analysis, relationship building, and organization visibility. She has also served as a board member for the Legal Marketing Association Southeast, and American Marketing Association, Austin.

Jay’s good food appreciation may be attributed to her south eastern New York upbringing where she was exposed to diverse cultures and cuisines. Jay is a lover of healthy, delicious, good food and enjoys spending some of her spare time creating new recipes. Ask her about her vegan chickpea omelet. It is amazing!


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