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Systemic Change: How Formalizing Processes Increases Efficiency

An introduction to how one might incorporate systems to bring your food business to the next level of sophistication, and efficiency.


All businesses have systems. At some point in its development, it makes excellent business sense to document those systems - as the number of employees grow, the sophistication of the business grows, or even as key employees start to think of moving on.

Although there is no "magic bullet" for making your business efficient and reducing risk, formalizing and documenting the jobs and operations the business performs has been shown time and again to have those effects. From faster training of new hires, to decreasing costly errors, to increasing overall quality (ensuring happy customers!) taking a systems approach to your business positively effects your bottom line. Moreover, employees have a sense of confidence, each knowing their jobs, and the workings of the business they need to attend to.

This webinar will introduce how one might incorporate systems to bring your food business to the next level of sophistication, and efficiency. Following an introduction to systems, systems thinking, and its application to business, we will hear two very different case studies to get you thinking of the wide variety of applications. One case study explores achieving third-party food safety certification, the other dives deeply into systematizing employee training.







Presenter Bios

Phil Britton

Phil BrittonPhil Britton worked for 6 years in quality systems in the medical device industry, and currently works for Cherry Capital Foods implementing a collective food safety system called GroupGAP.  Phil was involved in the 2014 implementation pilot of GroupGAP by the Upper Peninsula Food Exchange, and provides similar assistance to other groups across the country.  Phil, a UPer, lives with his family in Marquette, MI.


Hannah Mellion

Hannah MellionHannah Mellion is the Program Director for Food System Enterprise at Farm Fresh RI, She works with Farm Fresh’s distribution programs, including Market Mobile and Veggie Box. Hannah has been working at Farm Fresh since 2008. She is a native Rhode Islander and Brown University graduate.


Tatiana Garcia-Granados

Tatiana Garcia-GranadosTatiana is a Philadelphia-based social entrepreneur who works to improve the vitality of rural and urban communities. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business MBA program, she uses her formal training for social good. Tatiana is a co-founder and Executive Director of the Common Market, a local foods distribution center that connects over 300 schools, hospitals, grocers and workplaces to sustainable farms in the mid-Atlantic states.


Samantha Shain

Samantha ShainSamantha Shain is a Local Food Operations Fellow at Common Market, where she brings her background in community supported agriculture, institutional food service, urban studies and social change.  She currently works in Development and Training.  When she's not writing for Common Market, she can be found swapping stories about Philadelphia trivia, knitting winter gloves and hosting dinner parties.

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