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Putting Local on the Menu

This webinar presents both the art and science of prioritizing local foods in restaurants with case studies and a new tool.


Several institutional cafeterias and mid-priced restaurants are using clever techniques to source substantial amounts of local food, while maintaining their own affordability and profitability. This webinar, led by Anthony Flaccavento, presents the results ofSCALE Inc.'s research into how these kitchens are successfully putting local on the menu, while staying within their tight budgets.

Prioritizing local food while keeping costs reasonable is part art, and part science. This webinar honors that by illustrating some of the art with case studies, while presenting the 'science' in the form of a new tool.

The first half of the webinar reveals five best practices that showed up across SCALE's study. The driving forces behind The Root Café (Little Rock, AR) and Carlton College (Northfield, MN) will illustrate how they are using each of these techniques to get significant quantities of local food into their kitchens.

The second half of the webinar presents a tool, developed by SCALE, Inc. that enables buyers and local foods advocates to accurately determine the cost of local buying down to the level of per plate or menu item costs. We step you through how and why to use this tool.




Presenter Bios 

Anthony Flaccavento

Anthony FlaccaventoAnthony Flaccavento is a commercial organic farmer in the Appalachian region of southwestern Virginia.  He has been involved in local economy and sustainable food and farming initiatives for nearly 30 years, both as a non-profit leader and an entrepreneur.  His consulting business, SCALE, Inc, works with communities around the country to analyze, plan for, develop and strengthen local economies and food systems, providing both hands-on technical assistance and research and analytical tools.  He has spoken and written extensively on issues related to sustainability and the economy.

Katie McKenna

Katie McKenna has worked her entire career in the food business, beginning asKatie McKenna the manager of the Good Earth, a vegetarian restaurant.  For the past 12 years she has been with Bon Appetite, first at St Olaf College and then Carleton College.  Katie's passion for food and farming doesn't end with the kitchen, as she has initiated and organized numerous collaborative events and programs with the students of Carleton, including farm tours, local eating events,  student iron chef and other cooking competitions and much more.  Under her leadership, Carleton has expanded its local purchasing to nearly 25% of its total food dollars.

Jack  Sundell

Jack and Corri Sundell founded, own and operate The Root Café, Little Rock,Jack Sundell Arkansas’ leading farm-to-table restaurant.  Though neither Jack or Corri were formally trained as chefs, they turned their love of cooking and passion for preserving farmland into a thriving, affordable dining spot with innovative cuisine and a highly diverse customer base.  Jack and Corri are also among Little Rock’s leading advocates for local food.  The Root Café, whose mission is “Building Community through Local Food” currently spends about 75% of its food dollars locally.

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