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National Food Hub Studies

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An NGFN Food Hub Collaboration webinar describing the National Food Hub survey and benchmarking study.


Did you know that the NGFN Food Hub Collaboration is embarking on a national survey AND a benchmarking study on food hubs? Both will benefit food hubs' profitability, and provide funders and investors with valuable information for effective capital infusion.

Participating in the national food hub survey helps to ensure your voice is heard so that funders, policy makers, and lenders understand your needs, and better understand the benefits food hubs provide to our communities. Your responses also help us to discover paths to efficiency and profitability, and prove to investors that food hubs are solid triple-bottom line businesses.

By participating in the national food hub survey you also enter yourself into a drawing for free consulting or gift cards!

A benchmarking study allows a glimpse into the books of similar businesses. As a food hub, once the benchmarking study is complete, you will be able to compare the inner financial workings of your hub with your peers' hubs. You will get a sense, for instance, if your payroll expenses are above average, or if your infrastructure is less expensive than the average.

This special "mini" webinar describes these studies, and how you can help improve the world's understanding of food hubs, and improve your food hub’s bottom line.

National Food Hub Survey data collection ended March 31, 2013


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