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Food Safety Training Webinar Series for Farmer Support Organizations

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A five-part webinar series designed for organizations that provide small-scale farmer support.


These 5 trainings are designed for organizations that provide farmer support and technical assistance, such as incubator farms, producer groups, food hubs, and extensionists.. The objective of the program is to strengthen capacities of professionals working with small-scale farmer on food safety compliance and counsel them on adoption on appropriate food safety certifications options, including GroupGAP. 

These trainings are provided by Agriculture and Land-Based Training Center (ALBA) in Salinas, CA supported by Western SARE, in conjunction with the Wallace Center at Winrock International, Carlson Food Safety Consulting, Michigan GroupGAP Network, and Organic Planet LLC. 



Successful Farm Food Safety Audits 




Water Requirements for FSMA and GAP




Food Safety Certification Options





Developing a Quality Management System





Sanitation for Food Safety and Organic Requirements




Presenter Bios

Phil Britton

Phil BrittonPhil Britton is the Director of the Michigan GroupGAP Network, a statewide GroupGAP certification effort.  Phil has helped develop three separate GroupGAP initiatives in MI, two of which were during the USDA pilot phase of the project.  The first was the 2014 UP Food Exchange pilot, where he served as the QMS Lead and developed the group's Quality Management System procedures and records.  Late in 2014, Phil was hired by Cherry Capital Foods, a food hub based in Traverse City, and developed a separate group in western MI that achieved certification in 2015.  This group expanded statewide and achieved certification in 2016 through partnerships with several regional food hubs.  In addition to GroupGAP work, Phil also works with a team of individuals coordinating on-farm food safety efforts throughout MI. Prior to his involvement in food systems, Phil spent six years working in Quality Systems in the medical device manufacturing industry.  He currently lives in Marquette, MI with his wife and three children.

Cathy Carlson


Cathy Carlson, a private consultant for on farm food safety programs of all sizes. She brings to farmers a diverse background of program management, regulatory experience and sustainable farming.  She has spent the past few years working as a Quality Assurance and Food Safety Manager for the fresh cut produce industry in the Central Coast area.  Prior to that she worked for state and federal agencies as a policy regulator and agriculture research aide.  Her experience with preparing farm and facility food safety programs with audit agencies such as USDA, LGMA, Primus GFS and GlobalG.A.P. have helped her to assist and advise farmers and facilities with the requirements of buyers and the food safety modernization act. She is also a farmer, please visit her website at “Las Lomas Lavender and Honey”.

Lindsay Gilmour

Lindsay GilmourLindsay Gilmour is a Food Systems consultant currently focused on GAP Food Safety education. She is trained in Produce GAPs Harmonized Food Safety Standards, is a qualified USDA internal auditor for the Harmonized Standards, and an internal auditor for ISO 9001-22006 quality management systems for agricultural enterprises. Lindsay has a particular interest and expertise in helping farmers work together to achieve food safety certification. She co-managed a USDA Group GAP Pilot in Pennsylvania, supporting 100+ Amish farmers through certification, and recently developed a USDA approved, ‘single-entity’ GAP program for a small coop in Mississippi. Lindsay works with individual farmers and orchardists, urban farmers, coops and food hubs, helping them develop a food safety program that best meets their needs.

Kaley Grimland de Mendoza

Kaley GrimlandKaley works for the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Assocaiton (ALBA), a non-profit farmer education center and farm incubator program that provides opportunities to primarily Latino population in and around Salinas, CA.  ALBA also has a food hub on-site which in December 2016 changed management from ALBA to our partner, Aggrigator, Inc.  

As a consultant 8 years ago, Kaley was tasked to develop and implement the food safety program for ranches, farmers, staff and food hub. Kaley has handled food safety and organic certifications for the food hub facility, supply chain, and customers but is now, solely focused on farmer certification and compliance. She has implemented a grower group approach and management for both organic and food safety certification requirements for the farm incubator through the development and management of a Quality Management System.  She led ALBA's USDA GroupGAP Certification Program, one of the very first in the country, and enjoys her status as an approved internal auditor.

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