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2018 Food Hub Benchmark Study

How successful food hubs have achieved their mission and goals through financial and business metrics.


We have learned from the Michigan State / Wallace Center 2017 National Food Hub Survey that food hubs are maturing as businesses. This Farm Credit East / Wallace Center 2018 Food Hub Benchmark Study dives deep into the business fundamentals that illuminate just how this development is progressing.

This webinar highlights how successful food hubs across the nation have achieved their mission and goals through financial and business metrics.

Understanding this study will benefit all manner of people interested in regional food systems. For instance, food hub operators will be able to identify performance standards and improvement strategies. Farmers who attend the webinar will gain a better understanding of their ability to access new markets through food hubs, and researchers and local food advocacy organizations will benefit from this webinar’s business-based analysis of food hub functions and operational issues. Private lenders and public sector funders will gain insight on strategic investment strategies for food hubs that will lead to positive economic and sustainable outcomes.





Presenter Bio

Erin Pirro

Erin headshot

Erin Pirro is a farm business consultant and vice president for Farm Credit East, the Northeast’s leading financial services cooperative for agriculture. Her work is centered on successfully helping customers analyze their businesses from many angles in order to pinpoint methods for improving their profitability. In addition, Erin leads First Pioneer’s Agricultural Retail Benchmark, which is a comprehensive program of data analysis and benchmark reporting as well as a customized seminar and consulting meeting for owners of farm markets, garden centers, nurseries, wineries and other ag retail businesses.  Erin received her undergraduate degree in resource economics and her master’s degree in agricultural economics from the University of Connecticut.  Erin’s family farm raises and markets Connecticut Grown Lamb and provides shearing services in southern New England.

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