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Wallace Center at Winrock International serves the growing community of civic, business, and philanthropic organizations involved in building a new good food system in the United States. In particular, the Center is focused on advancing regional, collaborative efforts to move good food – healthy, green, fair, affordable food – beyond the direct-marketing realm into larger scale markets so that more producers benefit, more communities have viable economies and greater access to good food,  and a greater number of acres are managed through sustainable practices.

To accomplish this, the Wallace Center has established a National Good Food Network that:

  • Serves as a networking, communications, and information hub, providing practical knowledge, learning models, and valuable connections for the broad range of groups, both for-profit and non-profit, involved in building a new good food system, and
  • Stimulates development of important, on-the-ground nodes of regional work by investing in groups and collaborative efforts engaged in scaling up aggregation and sales of good food to more substantial wholesale channels.


  • Connection - foster regional initiatives that will bring increased good food into conventional food systems in a way that will ultimately improve good food access for all communities.
  • Knowledge - to assemble and connect value chain models and best practices, value chain experts, and opportunities for regional funding in the marketplace with regional network participants.
  • Community - to enable network participants to think beyond the commercial transaction of good food and to become participants in initiatives that will improve good food access to all communities.

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