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About the Wallace Center

The Wallace Center has been a key organization in fostering a more sustainable food and agricultural system in the United States since 1983. We’ve employed research, policy analysis and education to drive change that benefits farmers, urban and rural communities, our natural resources and the health of our citizens. In 2000, the Center joined Winrock International, enhancing its potential to foster food systems change and complementing an already extensive program in international development.

Our current focus is on developing market-based solutions that link a larger number of people and communities to “good food”— food that is healthy, green, fair, and affordable.

Our approach is four-fold:

  • We build links within a diverse and growing network of food and farm innovators with convenings and communications that bring participants together
  • We strengthen this network by gathering, creating and sharing knowledge
  • We prime the pump of change by monitoring the emergence of useful models and helping others adopt or adapt them
  • We work to bring financial resources and other capacity building support to good food innovators
The Wallace Center Leadership: 
John Fisk, PhD. 
John Fisk,PhD. has an extensive history as a national leader in sustainable and equitable food systems work and currently serves as the Director of the Wallace Center at Winrock International, based in Arlington, Virginia.  Under John’s leadership, the Wallace Center has emerged as a national force in food systems work utilizing a market-based solutions strategy for linking a larger number of people and communities to “good food”— food that is healthy, green, fair, and affordable. 


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