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About the National Good Food Network

The National Good Food Network is bringing together people from all parts of the rapidly emerging good food system – producers, buyers, distributors, advocates, investors and funders – to create a community dedicated to scaling up good food sourcing and access.

The challenge presented by the food system is our opportunity—to revolutionize business models, develop new market relationships, and add value to traditional supply chain infrastructure, so that the growing business of good food is sown in the values of good food – all the way from farm to fork.

In this work, you are the ones solving the puzzle of how to move food that is produced in harmony with nature and neighbors from its roadside beginnings into the mainstream.

You are working as food service aggregators and social marketers, to combine and distribute the supplies of diverse smaller farms, so that more grocery stores, schools, hospitals, and restaurants are stocked with fresh, nutritious food.

You are working with developers and planners to invest in urban grocery outlets or renovating old warehouses for local producers’ use, to grow jobs, build health, and protect land.

We are your learning and doing network – the place where you find peers and partners, practical information, and the resources you need to accelerate and broaden the impact of your work.

As a Network, we will create and strengthen the connections to people, knowledge and funders that are central to what we do, and support and promote your regional efforts.

Together we will build on years of grassroots efforts and move closer to a new food system that rewards sustainable production, treats growers and workers fairly, and improves the health of families and the wealth of communities with healthy, green, fair, affordable food.


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